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Child Custody

Navigating Child Custody Issues in Greensburg, PA

There is nothing that causes clients more stress and anxiety than their concerns about how a divorce or separation from their spouse or partner will affect their children.  Clients worry about so many issues related to child custody, including: Child Custody in Greensburg, PA

    • Will I lose custody to my spouse?
    • Will my children have to leave the home they are used to?
    • Will they have to change schools?
    • How often will I be able to see them?
    • How will a proposed custody schedule affect my children?
    • What do I do if my spouse, or his or her extended family, tries to turn the children against me or keep them away from me?
    • How will my children be affected by my spouse’s new relationship?
    • How do I protect my children from abuse, neglect or substance abuse?
    • How do I manage child care responsibilities when I counted on my spouse to help with the children before and after school, for transportation and activities?
    • Will my children have to spend more time in daycare? How will that affect their development and well being? How can I afford that?
    • Will I lose my job if I have to go in earlier or later or have to take more time off to accommodate my children’s needs, in the absence of my spouse’s assistance?
    • Will I lose custody because I have to work nights?
    • My child has special needs that require a consistent routine. How will a divorce impact his or her routine and care, and not undermine his or her progress or physical or mental health?
    • I have been my children’s primary caretaker their entire lives. How can I bear to not have them with me every day?
    • Is it possible to share custody of the children equally with my spouse?
    • What if I want or need to relocate for work, or to be closer to my family, so I can have support in caring for my children? Am I allowed to move with the children?
    • What happens if my spouse tries to relocate the children without my consent?
    • My spouse and I do not communicate well. How will we be able to communicate in a safe and non-confrontational manner to effectively co-parent the children?
    • Do my children have to go to court? How will that affect them? What happens in court?
    • What are my alternatives instead of going to court?
    • If I have to go to court, which county and/or state is the proper forum?
    • Will the cost of custody litigation negatively impact my financial ability to survive, care for my children, and/or save for college?

custody rightsAttorney Abby De Blassio can address all of the above questions and concerns and others, and fully explain a client’s rights and legal options. She strives to proceed on a client’s behalf in a manner that protects the best interest of the children, and routinely resolves custody cases without the need for embroiling children in litigation. However, in cases where avoiding litigation is not possible, for over 25 years she has successfully litigated custody cases involving legal custody, primary physical custody, sole physical custody, partial physical custody, shared physical custody, supervised custody, grandparent custody, relocation, choice of school district, and interstate custody actions. Attorney Abby De Blassio also routinely handles custody cases for clients who are seeking to modify an existing custody order or agreement.



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